Monday, January 28, 2019

12:00-12:30       Refreshments/ Check In

12:30-2:30        Church Planting Fundraiser

This 2-hour Luncheon will have a dual purpose.  First, we desire to introduce 10 church planters who have recently started or will soon start a new local church.  Our goal will be to catch their vision and give financially toward their efforts.  Second, there will be a strategic time of prayer where we gather around these brave souls and help launch their ministries with communal prayer and 12-month prayer pledges.  Lunch will be provided by Southern Hills Missions Department.

*All registered delegates are welcome to attend this luncheon knowing that it is a fundraiser and will be encouraged to give generously to these 10 new churches.  Church Planters wishing to apply  for one of these 10 slots will need to fill out the Idea Day Summit CPF application. To receive the link to this application, send an interest email to  Your request will be reviewed, and if selected, you will be asked to prepare a 5 minute presentation to deliver at the luncheon.

4:00-6:00          Coach's Exclusive

Over the last few years our coaches have come to each Idea Day at their own expense and with a thank you gift from Idea Day.  Why?  Because these men and women have a heart for church revitalization and gospel advancement!  This special time of prayer, fellowship, & training for Idea Day will be a lot of fun and incredibly valuable for anyone who is leading in the Idea Day Summit.

*Join the Josh & Jenny Irmler, Josh & Heather Teis, & Thom & Nellie Jo Rainer as we discuss the detailed plan for the following day.  Refreshments will be served.

6:00-6:30           Refreshments/ Check In

6:30-8:30          Keynote: Dr. Thom Rainer

This 2-hour service will be a truly memorable event filled with powerful worship, strategic prayer, and a keynote presentation from Dr. Thom Rainer.  Church Revitalization has become more necessary than ever.  Thousands of churches continue to decline while hundreds more are closing their doors for good.  Something has to change!  The author of Simple Church, Autopsy of a Deceased Church, Who Moved my Pulpit, & Transformational Church will bring a unique perspective to an often ignored problem.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

8:00-8:30          Refreshments/ Check In

8:30-9:00         Opening Remarks

9:00-10:00         Session 1:

10:00-10:15     Coffee Break

10:15-11:15     Session 2:                 

11:15-11:30      Networking Break

11:30-12:30     Session 3:

12:30-2:00        Lunch

2:00-3:00         Session 4

3:00-3:15          Coffee Break

3:15-4:15          Session 5                     

4:15-4:30          Networking Break

4:30-7:00        Discussion Dinner on Your Own

Session Details

  • Session 1

    Coaching Children Kelly Murray Engaging Children in the Bible
    CoachingDiscipleship Brandon Park Discipleship Strategies
    Coaching Business Makenzie Schettler Hiring on a Budget
    Coaching Assimilation Blake Hunt First Impressions
    M Round Growth Josh TeisBreaking Growth Barriers
    T Round Church CultureLogan WolfThe Right Church in the Right Place
    PanelBivocationalBryan Ries- MODEssentials of Bi-Vocational Ministry
  • Session 2

    Coaching Media Madison Ehlen Media Starter Kit
    Coaching Business Mike Smith Do You Need a Professional Mentor? 
    Coaching Couples Josh/Heather Teis Staying together through the chaos
    Coaching MissionsJewell ClaireEngaging other ethnic groups
    Coaching Hiring Fred Murray/Diana G Hiring and Firing
    T Round Church CultureMatt Lyons/C. OwensEssential Doctrines of Independent Baptists
    PanelRevitalization Josh Irmler -MOD Church Revitalization
  • Session 3

    Coaching Small Groups Chris Owens Starting and Developing a Small Group Program
    Coaching Finances Fred Murray Leading a Tithe Challenge
    Coaching Youth Caleb Sargent How do I say that? -Counseling Teens on the 21Century Issues
    Coaching Assimilation Blake HuntFirst Time Guest to Fully Engaged
    M Round Integrating J.Irmler/T.Thompson Culture Shifting a church
    T Round MissionsBryan Ries The Missionary Conundrum: How do we fix it
    Panel Business Ben Schettler-MODEngaging the Business Community
  • Session 4

    Coaching BusinessJaime Allen Pastoral Compensation 101
    Coaching Networking Brian Ries Networking with Grace
    Coaching Media Drew Polanycia Practical Media for Growing Ministries
    Coaching YouthBen SchettlerGeneration Y & Z
    M Round LeadershipMatt Lahmann Don't Buy Leaders-Build Them
    T Round Methods Josh Teis/C Owens Preaching Style VS Substance
    PanelWomen Heather Teis-MOD Dealing with Discouragement

  • Session 5

    Q&AJosh Teis-MOD Submit Questions via THIS FORM
                                          Dr. Thom S. Rainer          

    *Session details are subject to change     


Early: May-Sept $99-$129

Regular: Sept-Nov $119-$149  

Late:  Nov-Jan  $179       

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