Bryan and angel Ries

  • Church plant

    Location: Franklin, Indiana

    Sending Church: Blue River Baptist Church, Edinburgh, IN

    Church Name: Community Baptist Church

  • launch plan

    Soft Launch Date: September

    Official Launch Date: October 7, 2018

    No team members as of 08.09.2018


  • Budget and project needs

    Monthly Support: $1700

    Total Start-Up Costs: $5000

    Support as of 08.09.2018: 70%

    Special Projects: Funds toward own meeting place

  • doctrinal statement


    We believe that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and the only Saviour of mankind. We believe He came to earth, lived a sinless life, and offered Himself on the cross as a substitutionary sacrifice for the sins of all mankind. We believe He resurrected bodily and ascended into Heaven where He now dwells until His return.


    We believe in one holy and loving God—eternal, self-existent, infinite, and immutable—and that He has one nature, essence, and substance; yet He manifests Himself to man in the Trinity as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    Holy Spirit

    We believe the Holy Spirit of God is a person of the Godhead who is presently indwelling and directing the development of believers and advancement of the gospel in the world. The Holy Spirit is sent to regenerate, sanctify, seal, and indwell all who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.


    We believe the Bible to be the word of God. We believe the Bible is inspired and preserved by God, and that it is perfect and true.


    We believe that the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life is a miraculous work of God by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. It is the unmerited demonstration of God’s love, available to all those who turn from their sin and trust in Jesus’ atoning death and victorious resurrection. It is only through God’s saving work in Jesus Christ that man can be justified, sanctified, and ultimately glorified.

    Eternal Security

    When a person receives Jesus Christ as Savior, he also receives the eternal life that He gives (1 Jn.5:11-13). Once a person receives eternal life, he cannot lose it. Because a person cannot receive eternal life by his works, it is impossible that his eternal life be taken away because of works.


    We believe that God supernaturally created the universe in six literal days, and therefore we reject any theories of evolution, theistic evolution, creation gaps, or intelligent design not attributed to the narrative of scripture and the power of God.

    Second Coming

    We believe in the imminent return of Christ and the gathering up of his church known as the blessed hope. We believe in the tribulation, the personal and physical second coming of Christ to establish His millennial kingdom, and the eternal state wherein the unsaved are judged and condemned to a literal hell and the saved are glorified to enjoy everlasting blessing in the presence of God.