Theological rountable

These in-depth, thought-provoking roundtables challenge attendees to dive into God's Word to discuss the theology behind current topics. Idea Day places these topics online ahead of time so that attendees can study ahead of time and bring what they have discovered to the roundtable! 

  • LGBT community

    How should the church evangelize the LGBT community? 

    Lead By: Ben Schettler, CEO, Ask Or Think Ministries, FL

  • Topical vs expository preaching

    Is topical or expository more biblically correct? Should a ministry leader separate from another pastor because he preaches using the other method? 

    Lead By: Josh Irmler, Lead Pastor, Fresno Church, CA

  • Over contexualization

    What are the pitfalls of a one-size-fits-all approach to ministry?

    • What are the pitfalls of over-contextualization in the ministry?
    • What is the demographic and religious makeup of your zip code?
    • What groups in that zip code have you been unable to reach?
    • What are you doing specifically because of your unique context?

    Lead By: Logan Wolf, Lead Pastor, Crosspoint Church, UT


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