Roundtable Conversations

The Ultimate Brainstorm. 

Converse with experienced church leaders in this roundtable designed for conversation. The leader opens the conversation by setting the stage with the details of the topic at hand. Probing questions invite everyone seated to think and share their input for the betterment of everyone in attendance. 

  • Revitalization

    When disaster strikes, when the church family is in a family feud, when economy crashes, churches suffer. What then? Is revitalizing the church still possible? How can a pastor effectively lead this revitalization? 

    Lead By: Mark Bishop, Campus Pastor, Highview Baptist Church, KT

  • Surviving Together

    1. What do you do when "for better or for worse" seems impossible because of the ministry?

    2. Which is more important: soulmate or teammate?

    3. How is rest vital to surviving?

    4. How do you care for your children and their well-being while you are trying to survive?

    5. How is music/praise key to surviving?

    Lead By: Scott and Kay Souther, Pastor and Pastor's Wife, Gateway Baptist Church, VA

  • The Single key to church growth

    Assimilation. How many people slip through the cracks in your assimilation process? Could more people be reached and connected to your church with a refined system? Let's discuss the key to church growth! 

    Lead By: Josh Teis, Lead Pastor, Southern Hills Baptist Church, NV


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