Panels offer an opportunity to discuss specific, ministry-related issues. The moderator poses a question to a handful male and female church leaders who then give their advice based on their experience. Attendees are able to ask questions as well as share input.  


               Panel Speakers:  

                     Mark Bishop-Campus Pastor, Highview Baptist Church, KT

                     Nick Reed- Lead Pastor, City Light Baptist Church, CA

                     Jeremy Vance- Lead Pastor, Park Meadows Baptist Church, IL

                     Moderator: Josh Teis, Lead Pastor, SHBC, NV

               Discussion Points: 

                     1. Knowing when to rest

                     2. The Pastor's role in home-life

                     3. What sermon prep really looks like

                     4. Handling the Monday after a bad Sunday

                     5. Being real behind the scenes and in public


  • Mark Bishop

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  • Nick Reed

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  • Jeremy Vance

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  • Josh Teis

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Women's panel

               Panel Speakers: 

                    Kay Souther- Pastoral Assistant, Gateway Baptist Church, VA

                    Makenzie Schettler- Co-Founder & COO, Ask or Think Ministries, FL

                    Carla Williams- Small Groups Director, Connection Point Church, MO

                    Moderator: Kylie Suttle, Mission Coordinator, SHBC, NV

                 Discussion Points: 

                     1. Juggling ministry and family

                     2. Raising children in the ministry

                     3. Being real behind the scenes and in public

                     4. Overcoming fears when ministry makes demands

                     5. Understanding your limitations and knowing when to rest

  • kay souther

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  • makenzie schettler

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  • carla williams

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  • Kylie Suttle

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Men's perspective

"I have attended multiple Idea Days because I enjoy the spirit of the group. Every time I have been to an Idea Day, I have come away with a few key insights to take back to our church. I am not a senior pastor, but it has helped my youth ministry and our church." 

-Aaron Burden,  Michigan

"I came away from Idea Day with so much more in that one day than most conferences I've attended in a week. I appreciate the forward thinking and ideas."

-Travis Lane, Florida

women's perspective

"For me, Idea Day is about connecting with other women in my life stage; ones who are juggling being a wife, a mom, and ministry leader. The ideas are amazing too. I run a Christian daycare, so learning how to change the culture in my business or learning how to hire and love my employees is just a few small things I love about Idea Day. I return to Idea day on an annual basis because it is refreshing, enlightening, and just plain fun!”           

-Julie Burchell, California

"I love seeing friends who serve in ministry at other church and being encouraged and challenged to take my ministry to the next level." 

-Kelly Murray, Nevada


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