church Planter's Panel

"Let's plant a church!" They said. And then they realized what exactly they were getting into. 


Planting a church takes God's guidance and a heart full of faith. Often times, a young church planter is sent out with the blessing from their sending church and a pat on the back, but what about the day-in-and-day-out process? Where can he turn to find help with or find ideas for the basic steps in planting a church? 

This All-New Church Planter's Panel is designed to divulge the fundamentals of church planting, hear real-life lessons from experienced church planters, and the practical resources to accompany those fundamentals. 

              Panel Speakers Include:  

                    Matt Sims- Charity Baptist Church, Planted 2006, IN

                    Nick Reed- City Light Baptist Church, Planted 2013, CA

                    Logan Wolf- Crosspoint Church, Planted 2011, UT 

                    Matt Lahmann- City Light Baptist Church, Planted 2013, MO

                    Moderator: Josh Teis, SHBC, Planted 2004, NV

             General Discussion Points: 

                    1. The practical steps toward planting a church 

                    2. The reality they don't tell you about planting a church 

                    3. Resources to help guide a new church plant

Join us as we hear from church planter's who have been there! 


Time is of the essence! Secure your spot today! 

Early Bird: January 1-March 1    $65

Regular: March 1-April 1    $75

Late: April 1-May 1   $85