This 2-hour Luncheon will have a dual purpose. First, we desire to introduce 10 church planters who have recently started or will soon start a new local church. Our goal will be to catch their vision and give financially toward their efforts! Second, there will be a strategic time of prayer where we gather around these brave souls and help launch their ministries with communal prayer and 12-month prayer pledges. 

Church planter's

Once the selected church plant is featured in one of the remaining slots, click on the tab to view details of their church plant. 

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Church Planters wishing to apply for a slot should complete the following:  

1. Register for Idea Day Summit. Use Promo Code: CHURCHPLANTER to receive 25% off Regular registration. *Please note that this promo code is to be used for the lead church planter only; staff and family should use current public ticket options. 

2. Email to receive and fulfill the IDS Church Planter Application. *No application will be considered unless the church planter has completed registration. 


1. The church plant must have launch in the past 18 months or will be launching in the next 18 month as of January 2019. 

2.No application will be considered unless the Church Planter has completed registration. 

3. Each request will be reviewed and communicated by November 30, 2018 at which time no further applications will be accepted or reviewed. 

4. If selected, the church planter will be asked to prepare a 5 minute presentation to deliver at the luncheon; more details will be given in acceptance letter. 

5. The promo code is intended for the church planter himself only; additional staff or family members should use the current public ticket options. 


Early: May-Sept $99-$129

Regular: Sept-Nov $119-$149  

Late:  Nov-Jan  $179       

Reserve your seat Here

Registration will remain refundable until November 30, 2018.