Church Leaders from all over the world search through endless resources to discover the next great idea that will impact their communities. Idea Day acts as a central hub for idea sharing and networking among church leaders. 

No agendas - just ideas. The mission of Idea Day is to create an open-minded environment where ideas are shared, brainstormed, and discovered. At Idea Day attendees find that they are on the same playing field: pastors and assistants, men and women, sound men and keynote speakers, all have a voice to share their thoughts. There are no bad ideas. There are crazy ideas that may need refining, but it is through these crazy ideas that great ideas are discovered.  


Idea Day intentionally incorporates networking opportunities into each event's schedule. 

People will always be the greatest resource. 

coaching experiences

Discovering ideas becomes easier in an environment built for sharing. An expert in the session topic begins the session by sharing a 15-20 minute talk point on the basic concept of the topic and current methods used. The coach then shares common problems and potential solutions before opening up the session for discussion. This allows attendees with experience to share ideas, for newcomers to receive those ideas, and for all to brainstorm together to discover new possibilities. 

  • Past topics have included:
    • Closing the Back Door of the Church
    • Recruiting and Retaining Five Star Volunteers
    • The Confusing Place of Women in Ministry
    • How to Hire and Lead a Staff


Theological and practical issues are given a platform for evaluation during the roundtables. The moderator sets the tone by offering the various views of the topic at hand. Attendees then have the opportunity to ask questions, offer perspectives, and show proof from the Bible concerning that topic. 

  • Past topics have included: 
    • Addressing the LGBT Community
    • Is Church for the Saved or the Unsaved? 
    • Ecclesiastical Separation
    • Interaction of Law and Government


These men's and women's panels offer an opportunity to discuss gender-related issues. The moderator poses a question to a handful male and female church leaders who then give their advice based on their experience. Attendees are able to ask questions as well as share input.  

  • Past topics have included: 
    • Men: How do you handle feeling betrayed when members leave? 
    • Men: How do you deal with the Monday after a bad Sunday? 
    • Women: How do you counsel disgruntled women?  
    • Women: How do you balance ministry and motherhood? 

Hear from their perspective

"The time in between breakout sessions is equally important for building relationships as the sessions themselves."

-Brent Armstrong, Arizona

"For me, Idea Day is about connecting with other women in my life stage, ones who are juggling being a wife, a mom, and ministry leader. The ideas are amazing too! I run a Christian daycare, so learning how to change the culture in my business or learning how to hire and love my employees is just a few small things I love about Idea Day. I return to Idea day on an annual basis because it is refreshing, enlightening, and just plain fun!

 -Julie Burchell, California

"I came away from Idea Day with so much more in that one day than most conferences I've attended in a week. I appreciate the forward thinking and ideas."

-Travis Lane, Florida

"It's real simple-COLLABORATION, COMMUNITY, & CREATIVITY! You will not find another conference that excels in these three areas like Idea Day. COLLABORATION is at the heart of this conference as men from a broad spectrum of experience share ideas that can be contextualized into your own ministry. COMMUNITY is cultivated as new connections are made with other leaders who are passionate about the Gospel. And creativity with the Gospel ignites and renews your vision, as fresh ideas and methods are shared. Each time I attend an Idea Day, I leave amped to get home and implement substantive ideas that have taken our church to the next level!

-Pastor Tommy Thompson, Illinois